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Youth Program at the Aspen Chapel

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Sunday School

Meets every Sunday during 9:30 a.m. Sunday Service. The Middle School class consists of readings and discussions, while the younger students’ class includes reading, music, storytelling, discussions and projects. Childcare is available for toddler and preschool students.

Kids for Kids “Helping Kids in Need All Over the World”
Kids for Kids is a High School philanthropic group open to all high school students. Kids for Kids work to raise money in order to assist children in the valley and all over the world. Kids for Kids also participate in the “Aspen for Haiti” service trip that provides a unique educational opportunity to learn about and help people in rural Haiti.  Kids for Kids meets according to participants’ schedules.


Middle School Philanthropic Program
The Middle School Philanthropic Program (MSPP) is dedicated to engaging Middle School students in philanthropy by creating opportunities for kids to give back to their communities. Some of the organizations we work with are: Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, Homeless Day Center, and Aspen for Haiti. MSPP meets periodically during the school year and more regularly in the summer. Currently we are meeting on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 for a beading group that is making bracelets to sell to raise money for Aspen for Haiti.

Tuesday School
The 2015/16 class will focus on “Character Building for Kids.”  Students will examine the lives of 5 people each of whom possessed a strong character and contributed to the world in a meaningful way. Through age appropriate hands-on activities, we will explore the lives of these people in an attempt to allow the children to discover for themselves what traits are important to them. The people we will study are: Malala, Dalai Lama, Sacagewea, Mattie Stepanek and Anne Frank. 

For more information on Youth Spiritual Development please contact Youth Program Director Elaine Bonds at (970) 925-7182 or


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Heather Macdonald, 5/31/2016

 Youth Program