Intuitive Energy Healing Circles

with Jane St. Croix Ireland 

Thursday, October 4th - 5:30 PM
Keep Your Peace -- Not Getting Sucked into Negativity

Thursday, October 18th - 5:30 PM
Hold Onto Yourself -- How to Keep from Getting Pulled Down by Negative People 

Thursday, November 1st - 5:30 PM
Avoiding Frustration -- Not Getting Sucked Into Others' Stuff

Attend any or all of the sessions.
Suggested Donation $25 per session


These workshops uses a "connection circle" to create a space of unconditional support and acceptance for all, where participants can connect with themselves, others, and Divine Spirit.  Opportunities for deep realizations take place throughout the session. 

The focus of these connection circles: 
Self-mastery tools that lead to life mastery
Energy and clarity
Feel better physically and mentally
Live with greater satisfaction

Understanding the 
Four Essential Energies

with Jane St. Croix Ireland 

Saturday, November 17th 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
In this class, you’ll learn about the four levels of energy and how they work.  You’ll experience intuitive readings, energy healing, and work with Spirit Guides.  Spirit Guides are non-physical beings who live in harmony with the Divine and can help us connect.  You’ll learn a movement practice, which is suited to all levels, that clears blocked energy, facilitates health and well-being. 

You’ll learn to connect with Divine Spirit, release unconscious patterns and create more peace, balance and clarity.  You’ll experience exercises that help you connect with your inner wisdom and facilitate transformation on the deepest levels.  Universal principles and practical tools you can use immediately 
help you create your heart’s desire.
Suggested Donation $45



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