A Response to Current Social Unrest
from the Aspen Chapel
It is an evil peace
that is kept with humanity under a knee;
an order not worthy of law.
And minds they take sides,
and judgments are made
and blood is pushed to the floor.
But might and right an incest do make
when thrown together to mate.
And the signs they go up
and the statues come down
and all we are left with is hate.
It is an evil wealth
that is gained by enslaving a brother to work.
By stealing the lands, and forcing the hands
of those who are rightfully heirs.
And the law of the land favors those who can hand
all the wealth to their family and friends.
And the jails they are filled
with the hearts that have tilled
to satisfy the rich and their ends.
It is an evil we make
that our planet is raped
for the sake of the economy, stupid.
The figures add up and the trees they come down
and the air becomes harder to breathe.
We fight for our breath with their knees on our necks
and the cry for our mom on our lips.
But the earth cannot hear, because she is deaf to our tears,
it is we who have all the ears.
Every mind thinks it separate, every person apart,
yet our brotherhood is that which we miss.
The mistake that we make
is to fight for our wealth,
thinking others have that which is ours.
There’s one commonwealth,
sharing the bounty of health
and that bounty it knows no bounds.
It includes sea to sea, as well as you and me
and everything else it surrounds.
So open your eyes and unfold your ears,
feel the pain and the cry all around.
Take your hand from your pocket and don’t try and block it
your brother is asking for help.
Be it father or mother or neighbor or nation
we are all of a one in this world.
A community of life, not intended for strife,
but a love within which we are furled.