Pay It Forward 

Eat. Shop. Stay.  Locally


Support Local Businesses and the Aspen Chapel

Make your philanthropic and shopping dollars count twice. Buy a gift card from a local valley business, donate it to the Aspen Chapel's on-line silent auction and you will support that business AND the Aspen Chapel AT ONE TIME!”

Here's how to do it....

1. Purchase gift cards directly from local businesses and donate them to the Aspen Chapel


2. Donate directly to the Aspen Chapel by clicking here. 60% of your donation will support the Chapel and 40% will support local businesses (The Chapel will purchase gift cards from businesses that have supported the Chapel in the past and use them in the online auction).

All donated gift cards will be available in the Aspen Chapel's online auction August 1st through August 30th. More details coming soon....

We hope you will be inspired by this program! Our goal is to put $15,000 into the local economy through the purchase of gift cards. 

Please reach out to Peggy or Heather at the Chapel if you have any questions.


Heather Macdonald:

Peggy Burke:

Important Dates

  •  Now – July 30th - Purchase gift cards directly from local businesses or by donating to the Aspen Chapel
  • August 1st—30th - Participate in the Aspen Chapel’s Online Auction

Get Started

Explore the links below for lists of local businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley or start calling, going online, or visiting your favorite local businesses to purchase a gift cards. If you prefer to donate directly to the Aspen Chapel, we will use 40% of the proceeds to Pay it Forward to local businesses.  Please use the Donate button below and select how much you would like to Pay it Forward.
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Send or email the gift cards to the Aspen Chapel.  c/o Peggy Burke at or to 77 Meadowood Dr, Aspen, CO 81611. You can also gather your gift card(s) and drop them in our drop box outside our Aspen Chapel office. 

Questions? Call or email Peggy Burke at or (p) 970-925-7184.