The Nine Faces of the Soul 


With Gordon Melvin

Introduction and Foundation Work
  • Saturday, February 10th, 9:45am-5:00pm
  • Sunday, February 11th, 11:45pm-4:00pm
Going Deeper Evening Sessions
  • Monday, February 12th, 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Tuesday, February 13th, 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Wednesday, February 14th, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Suggested Donation $120 (for the full workshop)

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What is the Enneagram

EnneagramThe Enneagram is thought to be the oldest human development model in existence - its roots go back five thousand years.
Like all timeless wisdom, the Enneagram transcends its ancient origins and is forever contemporary in its incredible accuracy and practical application.
The Enneagram typology consists of nine different world views through which we see the world.  There are nines sets of "blueprints" that make up personality and ego - our reactive defensive patterns.
Equally the Enneagram represents a map of nine distinct qualities of the soul.  These are the "higher" transpersonal gifts and aspirations we are born to realize, and in turn offer to the world, called the "Holy Idea" or the "Holy Virtue".
The tension between our ego types and the gifts of the soul is essential to our transformation into the unique gifts of the nine different souls. The Enneagram is psychological model depicting our mechanical behavior that largely runs our lives - its medicine is a spiritual practice.

What will Happen at the Workshop?

enneagram-1-characteristicsGordon will give us an overview of the nine different personality types and the broad understanding of the implications of each type which enables us to see our lives through this typology.
He will do this in an atmosphere of "contemplative sense of inquiry".  Activities will include a walking meditation, working on one's own, in pairs, and in groups.
The weekend will be divided into intensive exploration of the nine personality types through:

•the Body - Action Center (types 8,9,1)
•the Heart - Feeling Center (types 2,3,4)
•the Head - Thinking Center (types 5,6,7)

There will be a "typing" exercise, and periods of meditation and contemplation.
The evening sessions will enable us to go deeper into this practice and are only available to those who attend both Saturday and Sunday.

About Gordon Melvin

GordonsmGordon is one of the foremost Enneagram practitioners in Europe. He runs Enneagram classes in several different countries always in the context of spiritual practice and meditation. He is passionate about his work, and is a wonderful speaker who will guide us through to a meaningful understanding of the Enneagram and our place in it.
Gordon originally trained as an artist and was ordained an Anglican priest in 1988.
He worked for many years as a senior chaplain in the National Health Service and then left in 2004 to teach the Enneagram.