Discovering the Power of the Breath 

Breathwork with Eliza Kane

Friday's  9:00am -10:00 am
$15 donation (or pay what you can)

Eliza 1Breath is life force—it is through the breath that we connect to our energy and are able to work with clearing mental stress, freeing blocked emotions, and letting go of tension in the body—all factors that hold us back in life. As an active meditation, breathwork is particularly helpful for the very active minds of today.
The breathing meditation allows for deep relaxation, mental and physical rejuvenation, and the opening of the heart center. When the brain has a chance to slow down, clarity and alertness follow and space opens for the invention of new possibilities.
A simple, yet powerful technique, breathwork is supportive in all areas of life.
* Note-please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat and blanket if you have