Come Hell or High Water 

Living with Grace in Times of Fear and Loathing 

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Sunday, March 4th 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
To attend: Suggested Donation $25 (or pay what you can)
To Live Stream: Donation: $10 (Click here to live stream)

Join Rami Shapiro for an afternoon looking at the current events happening in our world.  This wouldn't be a political discussion, but rather an exploration of how to navigate the emerging Kali Yuga without losing our souls.

I will lift up my gaze unto the mountains: from where will my help come?
Help comes from YAH, manifesting sky and earth

• • •

“The Kali Yuga is the best age to live in for two reasons: 1) The shattering of illusions can reveal reality in all its terrible and amazing splendor, and this shattering is liberating; 2) in the Kali Yuga the grace pouring down to help human beings endure is greater and more resplendent that in any other age.” (Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker, Savage Grace, p.142)