Ayurvedic Wisdom  

“An introduction to Ayurvedic Wisdom – Timing is Everything”

Saturday, April 28th 1:00 - 4:00 pm
at the Aspen Chapel
Suggested Donation $40 (or pay what you can)
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Ayurveda means “wisdom of life” in Sanskrit. This is the oldest healing system on the planet dating over 5000 years!

I love this system because it works! It’s simple yet vast and is benevolent to all!
My work focuses on daily/seasonal/life rhythms.
- Candice Claire
Ayurveda offers specific practices that are important for EVERYONE to maintain, heal and optimize health. When one entrains with nature’s rhythms with the practices life becomes clearer and the immune system stronger.
Learning these practices at whatever stage of life you are in and whatever state of health you are experiencing as it will help clean and clear your temple! You will fortify yourself with a foundation of health and wellness.

One thing that I learned and experienced is the timing of when we eat, sleep, etc really makes a difference.
In this workshop, we will learn the wisdom behind the Ayurvedic clock and begin to explore habits to sync with this wise timing! 
Dress comfortably and bring a notebook if you like! We will have a casual lecture where questions throughout are welcome. We will take a few breaks for breathing and a short meditation. 

About Candice Claire

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach
Yoga Health Coach (certified to teach a 10 week online interactive class focusing on the 10 most important Ayurvedic Habits)
Chopra Certified Instructor: Primordial Sound Meditation, Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Certified Aromatherapist

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