An Ayurveda class with Candice Claire

 Aspen Chapel
6 series classes June 12th - July 24th (no class July 17th)
Tuesdays 12:30-1:30, 30 min Q & A optional

$25 drop-in or $120 for the six weeks. Pay at the door or pre-pay


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The Ancient wisdom tradition of Ayurveda is the oldest health system on the planet and has proven methods to help one live a joyful, healthy life. Starting young you can avoid many maladies that plague people today and age beautifully. If you are already suffering maladies, these practices will strengthen your immune system and you can experience natural healing.

I personally have experienced healing some autoimmune issues and chronic stress by embracing this lifestyle and I’m passionate about sharing this wisdom with you!
You will feel so empowered and inspired when you start experiencing the benefits.
What can you expect?

  • When you practice these habits regularly you may experience more peace, joy, improved energy and vitality, better digestion, and better sleep to name a few.
  • Creating your new identity - when embarking a new way of being, the old you will get in the way. In this workshop we’ll explore how to enact a new identity.
  • Sleep ritual - we’ll explore methods to insure you get the extremely important benefits of body/mind rejuvenation and restoration in a good night’s sleep. 
  • Eating patterns - we’ll explore timing and food choices to uplevel your eating patterns - we’ll explore “eating a rainbow” and have some great ideas for recipes to get you started.
  • Sense organ care - you experience the world with your senses. Ears, eyes, nose, mouth (tongue), skin. You will learn how important it is to take care of these important body parts and learn some interesting practices!
  • Easeful living - Mindfulness/meditation with Aromatherapy - you will learn why this is so important for your health and well being and some tips to get you started or improve your current practice.

Special anointing ritual with gorgeous pure essential oils to anchor in your intentions.
Dress comfortably and bring a notebook if you like.

Candice Claire
Swan Sage
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach
Yoga Health Coach (certified to teach a 10 week online interactive class focusing on the 10 most important Ayurvedic Habits)
Chopra Certified Instructor: Primordial Sound Meditation, Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Certified Aromatherapist