The Gift of Self-Mastery 

with Robert Kennedy, S.J., Roshi

at the Aspen Chapel
Saturday, August 11, 2018
10:00am - 4:00pm

In person - suggested donation $65 

This event is also available via live stream, tickets $25.  Click here to register for live streaming.

Self-mastery from the Zen perspective is the act of confidently throwing open the gates of our mind and heart to know our own gifts and talents, and to feel our own power.  Think of Mozart, for example, who grew from a musician of enormous competence in 1782 to an incomparable master in 1788 at which time he broke all the rules he had learned in order to compose his Mass in C Minor.  We know he practiced intently but even so without understanding and mastering gratuitous gift of talent he could never have achieved what he did.  Think of Walt Whitman whose writing advanced from the prose of Franklin Evans to the poetic greatness of “Songs of Myself”.  It was genius and self-mastery that led him to celebrate life in such an exuberant manner.

It is self-mastery that will enhance the spiritual lives of men and women today, and then empower them to avoid relying on a self-constructed image of God.

About Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy is a Jesuit priest. He is the author of Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit and Zen Gifts to Christians and is one of several practicing Christian priests who are recognized as a 'Roshi' or Zen Master.

Robert is a licensed psychoanalyst and Professor Emeritus of Theology at St. Peter's College in New Jersey City. He is a representative at the U.N. for the Institute for Spiritual Consciousness in Politics. In 2009 he led the Annual John Main Seminar at the World Community Christian Meditation. Previous leaders have included Rowan Williams, The Dali Lama, Bede Griffiths and Jean Vanier. He holds doctorates in Theology from the University of Ottawa, and a Masters in Theology from Sophia University in Tokyo.  He is a graduate of the Blanton-Peale Institute in Religion and Health in New York.

About the Day

In this workshop Robert will be looking at how we access the ‘Gift’ of Self Mastery.  How do we throw open the gates of our mind and heart, so that we can know the true power that we have within?

The day will consist of short talks followed by guided meditation, walking meditations, and opportunities for questions and answers.

Please bring a sack lunch.

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