Freeing the Mind Made Easy 

with Michael Gregory 

AUGUST 22, 2018 | 6-9 PM

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Michael Gregory has been the Executive Director of the Mindfulness Meditation Center community in California, Colorado, and Florida since 2000 as well as the Beyond Therapy counseling community. He has actively practiced Buddhism and meditation for over 25 years and has joyfully instructed a continuous stream of practitioners of all levels and backgrounds in North America, Thailand, and India.
Michael is well known for his direct, powerful, and often humorous teaching style stressing practical, liberating mindfulness and meditation practices.  He places special emphasis on changing our mental weather to relieve suffering and generating loving-kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others, as we are.
Michael was ordained in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah and later ordained in the Tibetan tradition in Sikkim where he entered into long retreat in Tibet and then in Thailand.