High Vibration Group Healing Circle         

Expand your experience with Laura Barton of SourceLight Intergrations

Saturday, November 10, 3:00-5:00 PM
Aspen Chapel

Suggested donation: $45 


Are you tired and stressed?

Not feeling well, or have blocks to release on any level?
Are you ready to come to a fuller version of yourself?

Join internationally recognized Laura Barton of SourceLight Integrations for an expanded vibrational healing circle.  SourceLight Integrations raises your vibrational field and clears what's no longer serving you, allowing the higher aspects of yourself to integrate.  

  • Break the chronic pain cycle
  • Feel more balanced, revitalized and energetically aligned
  • Enjoy the flow of life again
  • Elevate your life experience

In this workshop, Laura will:

  • Open  your chakras using the Sunstone Crystal Singing Bowl
  • Accelerate your healing journey
  • Facilitate an expanded vibration healing experience with the group

Register: 970-519-1683     laura@sourcelightintegrations.com

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Aspen Chapel | A Spiritual Home for Everyone, 10/18/2018