Outreach and Social Responsibility Program 

The Outreach and Social Responsibility program provides an opportunity for the Aspen Chapel Community to support our local community as well as other people in need.

Aspen Chapel is part of a group of community leaders and members who are working together to solve issues of homelessness in our valley. This includes large group quarterly meetings as well as smaller task groups who are working to provide a continuum of care to those who are experiencing homelessness.

Our Invitation to Action newsletter comes out at the beginning of each month and suggests both monthly and weekly actions people in the community can choose to follow. 
Some of the actions include:

  • Making dinner for people who are experiencing homelessness
  • Delivering food from Whole Foods to Aspen Homeless Shelter
  • Providing scholarships for local seniors who are attending college
  • Participating in a Walk for Scholarships to raise funds
  • Donating to Huts for Vets 
  • Creating personal journals for Veterans
  • Joining others in the community to support Holiday Baskets for our local families
  • Working together on trail improvements with Roaring Fork Volunteers
  • Building homes with Habitat for Humanity

We also offer a program for students ages kindergarten through 8th grade called Connect: Experience, Discover and Explore.  This after-school club is an experiential social, emotional, and ethical learning program. The original curriculum is based on the SEE Learning program from the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics at Emory University as well as Mind-Up curriculum developed by the Hawn Foundation. Connect! will help children explore their inner lives to cultivate inner strength and resiliency while connecting with the world. They will be equipped with the tools and skills to develop universal values such as mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, and peace.

The focus this year is Strengthening Attention and Self Awareness, and Navigating Emotions.

  • Connect to yourself – experience the art of self-reflection
  • Connect to other people – discover new perspectives and create new relationships
  • Connect to the world – explore interdependence

For additional Information, please contact Elaine Bonds – Elaine@aspenchapel.org

Aspen Chapel | A Spiritual Home for Everyone, 4/3/2019