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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Together the Chapel?  Together the Chapel is one of three parts of the Chapel’s Next 50 project.  It’s a six-month, bottom-up process that tries to meet the many parts of the Chapel’s community where they are.  Together the Chapel seeks to:

  • Build community identity
  • Confirm consensus for the Chapel’s mission and vision
  • Plan programs to serve the Chapel community in the future. 
  • Consider the physical needs for the existing 50-year old building and any new/expanded programs 
  • Set near term capital priorities

What is Next 50?  This past year—2019—was a year of celebration.  Thanks to our visionary founders—and a lot of dedicated people along the way—the Chapel marked its first 50 years in August, and sealed a time capsule for our grandchildren to open in 2069.   Now it’s time to ask what we can do to make sure the Chapel thrives and serves for another 50 years.  Next 50 takes a holistic look at the Chapel—the needs of our 50-year old building, our finances and our forward plan.  Next 50 has a volunteer leadership team that will report back to the Chapel’s board and community in 2020.  
Who can join the Together the Chapel process?
If you care about the Aspen Chapel, then we invite you to be a part of Together the Chapel!  The Chapel has many constituents and stakeholders, some who attend services and events regularly, and others who just drive by the Chapel on a regular basis.  The building alone— a masterpiece of midcentury architecture—is an iconic beacon to everyone who comes to Aspen.   All are invited to take the pebble poll and online survey and let us know their thoughts about the Chapel, its future and how we can best serve.
Where can I start:  the pebble poll?  Start with the pebble poll, launching on November 17 and available at every Sunday Service and Chapel event through December 22.  Go to the pebble poll table & pick up a mesh bag containing 4 pebbles.  You can place all your pebbles in one of the six bowl on the table, or divide them however you like.   Each bowl represents a core value taken from the Chapel’s 1968 vision statement.  The poll asks which of these values most resonates with you today.
What comes after the pebble poll:  online survey?
After you spend a few seconds taking the pebble poll, we hope you’ll have more to say about all this!  Your next stop is the online survey at  Look for the button at the top of the home page.  The survey is a deeper dive into these questions and takes about five minutes to complete.   If you stream Chapel programs on line, there’s a button on the livestream that takes you directly to the survey.  
What comes after the online survey?
Starting in January 2020,  we’re planning a series of Parties with a Purpose--small groups meeting in our homes to share a meal and a deeper conversation.  Watch for details on these dinner dialogs in January 2020.  
How can I help?  Write us a if you’d like to help out.  We need meeting facilitators, supper hosts & helpers, pebble counters, go-fers and many more helpers to take the process out to the Chapel community and make it run smoothly.
Where does this all lead? All the input from Together the Chapel will be reported back the the community in public meetings planned for March 2020.  The entire process will eventually become a Case Statement—a big bold vision for the Chapel.   It will contain ideas for future programs and facilities, and set priorities for when to tackle them.  A development team will take the Case Statement back out to the community to gauge how far down the wish list we can take on now, versus at some future point.  The hope is to start a capital campaign in early 2021 and go from there to implement the plan.
How much will it cost?   The Next 50 leadership team led entirely by volunteers—all members of the Chapel community.   Special gifts have been made to defray the Chapel’s costs of the Next 50 process, about $40,000 altogether.  These funds are being used for consultant help with Together the Chapel, building forensics to detect the building’s condition and cost estimates on needed repairs.  If the community prioritizes building upgrades or new construction, then cost figures will be need for those, too. 

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