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Together the Chapel 

What is Together the Chapel?  Together the Chapel is one of three parts of the Chapel’s Next 50 project.  It’s a six-month, bottom-up process that tries to meet the many parts of the Chapel’s community where they are.  

Together the Chapel seeks to:

  • Build community identity
  • Confirm consensus for the Chapel’s mission and vision
  • Plan programs to serve the Chapel community in the future. 
  • Consider the physical needs for the existing 50-year old building and any new/expanded programs 
  • Set near term capital priorities

Celebrating the past: Looking to the future:

  • 2019:  50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Next 50 planning, led by Carolyn Glah:
    • Stephen Kanipe & Heinz Coordes: Facilitates Plan
    • Phyllis Scruggs & Bruce Merrifield: Financial Stability Plan
    • Lexie Potamkin & Laurel Catto: Together the Chapel
Goals of Together the Chapel:
  • Coalesce & identify the Chapel Community
  • Confirm Community values & future needs
  • Prioritize programs & facilities
Process for Together the Chapel
  • Pebble poll ended December 22nd (click here to review the results)
  • 5-minute online survey: ended January 18th
  • Parties with a purpose have been suspended until further notice
  • Public meetings:  what we heard, in May/June 2020
  • Final report in July 2020:  wrapping up engagement phase
What comes after Together the Chapel?
  • Case Statement (2020)
  • Capital Campaign feasibility study (2020)
  • Capital Campaign (2021)
  • Execute Next 50 plan (2021- )
How can we join in Together the Chapel?
  • Volunteer to host a "Party with a Purpose" or attend a Party convenient for you.
  • Share “Together the Chapel” social media posts & help spread the word
  • Volunteer to help - we need hosts and helpers for "parties with a purpose"
  • Let us hear from you!